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Director General

Vladimir E. Usachev

It is established in 1992. The firm specializes in development and manufacture of X-ray emitters, X-ray image intensifiers, and various types of detectors of ionizing radiation, of a digital tomography systems.

The firm manufactures police examination X-ray TV systems with microfocal emitters "Norka", stationary X-ray TV office installations "Kalan-2".These products have found wide application in practice of police structures of Russia.

The large attention is given to development and manufacture of X-ray systems for non-destructive testing in industry. The firm produces specialized chambers "Kalan-4", X-ray devices of shooting through type, panoramic, with the side output of radiation, with the remote anode.

All manufactured equipment has sanitary and epidemiological certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The firm also performs the orders on specialized roentgenometrical, radioscopic and tomography systems.

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